Work of doctors-pediatrists at almost all Is amazing - as it is possible to realise just that happens with the child, if it of anything Cannot announce at last? And after all it is concrete so also happens at treatment samll kids, which Or another cannot speak at last, or not just can put also truly into words the painful Feelings. All for a long time know that is frequent diseases at the kid so to say appear only that it just loses Former playfulness, cheerfulness and cheerfulness, at it it is aggravated or lost Appetite, from time to time he simply insufficiently, to put it mildly, adds in weight or even grows thin, lags behind In growth.

To affliction, of almost all illnesses the child Not in a condition to be released without the aid of the doctor. Needless to say certainly, at any disease exists Triangle «illness - unhealthy - the doctor». It is necessary to tell that disease is constantly focused aside Deaths, and efforts of the doctor - towards life. Very few people knows that вопросец in on what party so to say will rise The unhealthy. Very few people knows that for as though малеханького the kid this вопросец just is solved by ancestors. All know that they should rise On an aspect of life. Also it is not necessary at all and to say what as? I will answer: like it was heavy, never to lose presence Spirit and optimism, beliefs that disease, вообщем that, will recede also the kid will recover. Also it is not necessary at all and to speak what even most The small child is capable to feel, at last, that as we constantly speak, spiritual conditions which surround it.

Depression, crying, excessive fussiness is that prevents to overcome disease, so.

And on the contrary, a position В«not, so, to surrender illnessesВ» and at the same time humility before that, That your offspring or the daughter, so, should take out heavy inspection, and as it is got, sometimes the heavy And a long course of healing or, maybe, hard operation, trust to the treating To the doctor, active, informed a role in research and as many think, salutary procedures - Here what you can promote the child to overcome disease.
let it never Contemplates a grief mask on your person, bring during his life satisfaction, after all it is constant It is possible to find what can be glad just together with the kid!
let even your usual Presence by a number gives to the child confidence that disease will just leave, and health Will come back!

Game - a simple piece, yes in each game a science.

the Proverb

Tragedy of modern children

Outdoor games in the open air which the previous generations of kiddies enjoyed, favorably influenced not only a state of health. They gave to children irreplaceable experience of dialogue, developed множест...

Antique and modern toys - at an exhibition in Paris

the Exhibition "Toys and people" prepares in the Parisian Big palace (Grand Palais). She will allow adult visitors to make travel to the world of the childhood and, certainly, will not leave indifferent and most is small...

Good vacation - the healthy child

academic year Has ended, schoolboys go on the deserved rest, parents sigh with simplification. However to relax early, experts of the Tyumen medical academy consider. The summer is that it is time, when Р·...

Cardiology - a science About a heart. It would be bad, if we have not noticed that cardiology - medicine section into which problems research not, at last, comes Only hearts, and the blood vessels which are uniform system Bodies of blood circulation, its structure, functions in usual criteria and at the different Diseases of the given system.

Children's cardiology Comprises a large quantity of different illnesses in which base lies Primary defeat of heart and (or) vessels. Certainly, all of us it is very well known that it as many are expressed, congenital heart diseases, аритмии, rheumatism, not rheumatic as it is got, inflammatory diseases of heart, its found Defects. And it is valid, all these diseases entice to for themselves steadfast attention of pediatrists-cardiologists In connection with their big prevalence and complexity of diagnostics. It is necessary to notice that is frequent these Diseases lead to physical inability, and in languid variants - and to death of the kid, in particular If the right diagnosis not so to say in time has not been put the respective is appointed Healing.

In extreme years have essentially extended Abilities of rendering as we constantly speak, honey of the help to children with infringements of a warm rhythm, Congenital heart diseases and other illnesses. Undoubtedly, it is necessary to mention that there was a large quantity The newest pharmaceutical means, surgical ways of healing of heart diseases successfully, at last, are used.


the Main SYMPTOMS of the CARDIOVASCULAR Illnesses

DIAGNOSTICS as it is got to be expressed, CARDIOVASCULAR Illnesses

Diseases of heart at kids

Congenital heart diseases

The Congenital heart disease

Congenital heart diseases at last appear Owing to infringements of usual development of system of blood circulation in the pre-natal Fruit developments. Also it is not necessary at all and to say that in РїС… formation have crucial importance different as many are expressed, adverse Influences on an organism as all know, the pregnant lady and a fruit in terms from the third to as many are expressed, the eighth Weeks as many are expressed, the pre-natal life, hearts ought to formation.

disease Preconditions. All for a long time know that disease symptoms. There is nobody not a secret that healing


Aritmija of heart (from other-grech. - В«Inconsistency, clumsinessВ») - infringements of frequency, rhythm and sequence of excitation and heart reduction.
Aritmii are observed at kids as all speak, though what age. Very few people knows that their occurrence perhaps is connected With, as people have got used to be expressed, multipurpose frustration, as we have got used to speak, nervous system (sensual pressure, вегетодистония, etc.), they can just seem against миокардита (inflammations of the warm Muscles), a heart disease, etc. illnesses. There is nobody not a secret that they also, so, can develop at the healthy The kid at action on an organism as we have got used to speak, the different reasons of the external environment - physical Overloads, heats, horror, pleasure, etc.

the Found heart diseases

Called also клапанными defects - the infringement of action of the heart caused morphological and/or as people have got used to be expressed, multipurpose changes as we constantly speak, 1st or steams of its valves. the Found heart diseases zвляются result of infectious defeat, an inflammation or as though аутоиммунных reactions, an overload and дилатации heart chambers.

Nerevmatichesky diseases Warm muscles


Kardiomiopatii - myocardium defeats as we constantly speak, некоронарогенной and as the majority of us has got used to speak, not inflammatory nature. Needless to say certainly, diseases Proceed hard. All know that taking into account blood circulation configurations three forms of disease allocate, Any of which, at last, has the clinical individualities. It would be bad, if we have not noticed that кардиомиопатии are as though divided on as many think, primary (идиопатические) without the established precondition and as we are expressed, secondary with as it is got to be expressed, a known aetiology

disease Preconditions. Imagine to itself one fact that disease symptoms. It would be bad, if we have not noticed that healing

Vegetososudistaja a dystonia , hypertensive disease



Pulmonology - It is a science studying diseases of respiratory organs, in other words diseases of a trachea, bronchial tubes, Lungs, pleurae. Needless to say certainly, вопросцами illnesses of respiratory organs doctors-lung specialists are engaged.

When at the kid bronchial tubes at last fall ill Or lungs, you, naturally, at first address to the doctor-pediatrist, which Appoints healing, and most often the child quickly recovers. All know that but from time to time, Despite of healing, disease does not recede, or at last proceeds especially, or, to put it mildly, gives Any burdenings. It would be bad, if we have not noted that as then there is a necessity of consultation of the doctor-lung specialist.
It is better, if to спецу as many think, the sick kid, вообщем that, the treating doctor-pediatrist directs, Which in honey documents depicts customs of a current of disease and, вообщем that, sets To the lung specialist as though defined вопросцы. It is necessary to tell that but ancestors can address for consultation also To the lung specialist and at own will.

Where it is possible to address for Consultation to врачу-пульмонологу

At first, experts-lung specialists Work in as we are expressed, certain children's city polyclinics. Very much it would be desirable to underline that data on presence as it is got, that Doctors you can, вообщем that, to receive at your administration as all speak, children's polyclinic. It is necessary to tell that is traditional The lung specialist conducts reception in specially equipped office and has possibility Not only only, eventually, to examine the sick kid, and to spend, as the majority of us has got used to speak, certain researches.

When it is necessary special Supervision врача-пульмонолога

Respiratory organs

Respiratory organs are some bodies, United in as though uniform бронхолегочную system. is more detailed...

Signs and symptoms of the painful Conditions

The most part of diseases of bronchial tubes and lungs also are a consequence of infectious process, Are connected to inflammation development in respiratory organs and at last are characterised by occurrence Those symptoms, as an intoxication , cough, occurrence мокроты , occurrence Short wind , and from time to time breath infringement . Needless to say certainly, any of these signs, their customs and Expressiveness degree have basic value directed by the right diagnosis, and Hence, and in a correctness as the most part from us constantly speaks, the selected strategy of healing.
Let's stop on the characteristic as it is got to be expressed, separate symptoms as though бронхолегочных illnesses.

the Intoxication


the Short wind

Infringement of breath at the kid

Sharp respiratory diseases Top as the most part from us constantly speaks, respiratory ways

Sharp respiratory diseases (РћР Р—) are the infectious-vospalitel th diseases proceeding with as we constantly speak, primary Defeat as all know, mucous membranes of the top respiratory ways, in other words a nose, a nasopharynx, Throats, additional bosoms of a nose and so forth

the Virus infection, eventually, is transferred from The patient healthy as many think, an air-drop method during conversation, cough, чихания, Extremely close contact. Probably and that the infection filters into different departments top as it is got, respiratory Ways. All know that at usual functioning as all know, barrier as the majority of us has got used to speak, nose accident protection devices, drinks, Throat and bronchial tubes activators quickly perish, and illness not, at last, develops, But at deficiency or failure of accident protection devices the infection as though takes root In as all say, mucous respiratory ways that causes its damage and development Infectious-inflammatory process.

Preconditions, symptoms and contributing to development РћР Р— The reasons

Symptoms of defeat of the top Respiratory ways

Healing РћР Р— at the kid

Pharmaceutical preparations

Sosudosuzhivashchie of a medicine For малеханьких kids

Diseases of the bottom respiratory Ways

Diseases of the bottom respiratory ways There are at kids slightly less often, than diseases of the top respiratory ways. Very few people knows that is frequent Their symptoms arise not with as the most part from us constantly speaks, the first days of disease, and a bit later and testify About distribution of an infection from a nasopharynx in most deepest departments as the most part from us constantly speaks, бронхолегочной Systems. Undoubtedly, it is necessary to mention that from diseases bottom as we have got used to speak, respiratory ways for kids are more characteristic Such diseases, as a tracheitis, a bronchitis and бронхиолит. It is necessary to underline that is more detailed...

the Doctor-gastroenterolog at last is engaged Healing of illnesses of a digestive path. There is nobody not a secret that in process of deepening and expansion Our knowledge about illnesses as we are expressed, various departments as the most part from us constantly speaks, a digestive path снутри specialities Gastroenterologies there was a division, have arisen very narrow спецы in вопросцах Illnesses of a liver - гепатологи, a pancreas - панкреатологи, doctors, Specialising as the majority of us has got used to speak, operative healing of bodies as all speak, a belly cavity, - абдоминальные doctors, Operating on a rectum, - proctologists and etc.


system of digestive organs concern Mouth, ротоглотка, a food path, a stomach, a narrow gut which is divided On three departments: duodenal, lean and подвздошную parts, a thick gut, It, as well as a narrow part of a gut, consists of pair sites: a blind gut, ободочная, сигмовидная, also, as people have got used to be expressed, an equal gut. As though it was not strange, but all of them, so, are departments uniform Digestive tube in what there are processes of digestion and всасывания the eaten Meal. It is necessary to underline that for this purpose that the meal, eventually, was split and so to say it was acquired, the digestive are necessary The juice containing especial биохимически highly active substances - enzymes. There is nobody not a secret that these Digestive juice, to put it mildly, is developed as in glands as though the most digestive tube (Gastric and digestive juice), and in specially as we have got used to speak, created for the given purpose as we constantly speak, ferruterous Bodies - a liver, a pancreas, salivary glands. In a secret as we have got used to speak, salivary glands contains The enzyme splitting carbohydrates. All know that is in gastric juice how people have got used to be expressed, hydrochloric acid, With which help of the squirrel of meat are prepared for action пепсина - enzyme, Splitting them. the Food path
the Liver, a gall bladder, Pancreas

the Greatest contribution to digestion Meal brings the juice of a pancreas containing extremely a large quantity of enzymes, Splitting fibers, fats and carbohydrates. It is necessary to underline that hepatic bile participates in mastering of fat, эмульгирует it, in other words, to put it mildly, splits up for extremely small droplets which then so to say are split липазой - juice enzyme as many are expressed, a pancreas. It is necessary to notice that enzymes as we have got used to speak, digestive glands Intestinal path finish digestion process. Help with digestion and mastering Vegetative клетчатки and bacteria, in unlimited quantity living in as all know, thick To gut. It would be bad, if we have not noticed what to read further...

Individualities of formation And functions of digestive organs

What tool and Laboratory researches can to appoint, so, гастроэнтеролог to the child?

More as all speak, frequent diseases Digestive organs at kids ранешнего age

More as though frequent diseases Digestive organs at kids of advanced age and their display

More frequent complaints of kids At diseases of digestive organs

Pains in a tummy

What child in own life not as though complained On a pain in a tummy? It is extremely frequent symptom which in certain variants not as though represents Any danger, and from time to time, to put it mildly, testifies to an unsafe condition for life.

In connection with сиим we will look on делему Pains in a tummy most extensively.

the Nausea, vomiting, a heartburn, Eructation

it is extensively clear that the nausea at last arises At a spasm and pressure increase in a duodenal gut. It is necessary to underline that it perhaps is caused The most different reasons, from time to time it is strong as though distinguishable from illnesses of digestive organs. And it is valid, more in detail...

Rumbling in a tummy, a swelling Tummy, метеоризм

the Chair at kids


More as it is got to be expressed, frequent diseases Gastroenteric path at kids as though school age

the Gastritis, гастродуоденит With the usual or overestimated acidity

It is illness more often as though arises At as all speak, hereditary расположенности to повышеной acidities of a stomach. There is nobody not a secret that basically, in the middle of close relatives of the kid already is as it is got, unhealthy гиперацидным by a gastritis Or, as we are expressed, ulcer stomach disease, and other pathology of digestive organs. Promotes realisation given as the majority of us has got used to speak, hereditary расположенности incorrect, Not a food respective age.

Diseases поджелудочной Glands

the Pancreas in Latin - «РїР°РЅРєСЂРµР°СЃ» in connection with СЃРёРёРј the inflammation as we are expressed, поджелудочной is called a pancreatitis. Exists, as we are expressed, many circumstances which are capable to cause also a pancreatitis. Very much it would be desirable to underline that more всераспространенной at last is Infringement as all know, an age physiological diet of the kid. Certainly, all of us it is very well known that a pancreas of the kid Has not enough abilities for secret development, and immense as we constantly speak, food overloads Cause its multipurpose failure. It is necessary to tell that is more detailed...

Diseases of an intestinal path

Nonexceptional as many think, неинфекционные Narrow and as the most part from us constantly speaks, a thick gut at kids in the isolated kind meet enough occasionally, More often they can appear опосля as it is got to be expressed, transferred languid as we have got used to speak, digestive infections or appear As accompanying at other illnesses of digestive organs. It would be bad, if we have not noticed that is more detailed...




Grasses for healing, to put it mildly, are made From the account of disease and its stage, also on purpose to reach the necessary effect Depending on parametres of pharmaceutical grasses. It is necessary to notice that is more detailed...


the Urology and nephrology is hardly Whether the most noteworthy and as many think, basic sections as all know, science honey and if they, to put it mildly, are used With a word «РґРµС‚ская» so to say joins besides as it is got to be expressed, the highest degree of responsibility For малеханького the patient.

Bodies urinogenital system very much Are sensitive to any to the damaging factors working during the pre-natal Developments. Pay attention that already with as we are expressed, the ninth week of development of a fruit of a kidney start to work just And «РѕР±СѓС‡Р°С‚СЊСЃСЏ» to produce urine which is as many think, the main component околоплодных waters. And it is valid, that image, on a condition околоплодной waters and to its quantity It is possible indirectly, вообщем that, to judge work of kidneys of yet not born person.

In the most ancient centuries докторы already just guessed About as it is got, the many-sided function of kidneys which are not limited with removal of water and slags From an organism. It would be bad, if we have not noticed that the graduated glass vessel for urine gathering was represented as Medicine emblem. And it is valid, in 1696 in Paris there was a book «Р—еркало urine, means Which can be found as though character, mood, localisation and a cause of illness, The book necessary for everyone, even for докторов». Needless to say certainly, now the doctor though what speciality, And in particular нефроуролог, in own work at last leans against results of research Urine.

In the urine analysis as in a mirror, it is possible To distinguish most as we constantly speak, insignificant «РїРѕР»РѕРјРєРё» an organism of the kid. As though it was not strange, but it It is connected to that kidneys answer not only only for maintenance аква also an exchange on Due level, but also regulate ionic structure of plasma of blood and endocellular Waters - всепостоянство the internal environment of an organism, so a called homeostasis. Preservation of the necessary concentration of ions of potassium and sodium irrespective of quantity From the external environment - it is enough receipt of these parts, as we have got used to speak, uneasy and as it is got, responsible Problem with which decision as it is got to be expressed, healthy kidneys perfectly cope.

Important function of kidneys also is Maintenance as the majority of us has got used to speak, kislotno-alkaline balance of blood. All know that to kidneys is taken away as all know, the leading part In regulation as all speak, arterial pressure. As though it was not strange, but a hypertension variety as we have got used to speak, nephritic, so, becomes complicated Illnesses about which often also will find out only опосля how as though notice the proof Increase in arterial pressure.

without considering, as it is got to be expressed, that, it is confirmed a role of kidneys In кроветворении and formation as many think, certain reasons of curtailing system of blood. So the kidney not only only at last makes urine, clearing an organism of slags, but has And set of the others «РѕР±СЏР·Р°С‚ельств».

All it and almost all another, connected With infringement of function and diseases of kidneys, studies and the nephrology - a science explains About a kidney. Certainly, all of us it is very well known that in narrow-minded comprehension identify nephrology with therapy, and the nephrologist - With the therapist, unlike urology as which consider as all know, surgical discipline.

But the urology is the most capacious The concept including nephrology, andrology - a science about bodies man's Sexual sphere in norm and a pathology, урогинекологию - a science about сочетанных diseases Ladies' as the most part from us constantly speaks, sexual and as all speak, mochevy-delitelnyh bodies, фтизиоурологию - a science about tubercular Defeat of bodies urinogenital system , онкоурологию - a science about tumours, which Grow in bodies мочевыделительной and man's as the majority of us has got used to speak, sexual system.

the Children's urology occupies the especial Place. It would be bad, if we have not noticed that it, вообщем that, was allocated from as people have got used to be expressed, children's surgery, having inherited all favourite properties of urology On the basis of principles and pediatrics approaches. There is nobody not a secret that the children's urology as though studies the congenital And the found diseases of the bodies set forth above and systems in a growing organism.

Kids with as many think, уронефрологической a pathology There is enough, as it is got, much. Certainly, all of us it is very well known that each 4th child on reception of the local pediatrist addresses With complaints to differences in urinogenital system . There is nobody not a secret that is frequent displays of illnesses Kidneys and mochevyvodja-shchih ways do not correspond such from a narrow-minded point Sight that, at last, serves as the precondition of the late reference to спецу and overdue healing. Лишне to repeat about the importance ранешней diagnostics of developmental anomalies and illnesses And in time, as all know, the begun healing. All for a long time know what after all particularly it makes solving impact On a result.

Modern devices allow to reveal Illness even in the period as the most part from us constantly speaks, pre-natal development, but all merits as the majority of us has got used to speak, honey Technicians come to naught because of low awareness of doctors of ladies' consultations In вопросцах healings of congenital urological illnesses. Very few people knows that same illness Depending on timeliness of diagnostics, degree of its expressiveness or Dooms the patient and his parents to lifelong healing, or completely, at last, recovers. Therefore the decision вопросца about destiny of pregnancy at revealing as many are expressed, that or other defect Developments in a fruit is accepted by collective of professionals together with the future mum And its relatives.

That at last ancestors all the same should know, on What to pay the attention, not to pass and as it is possible to reveal diseases at last earlier Kidneys, мочевыводящих ways, also genitals at own kid and just right To address to how the majority of us has got used to speak, to the children's urologist or the nephrologist?

At each person is obliged to be two The kidneys located highly in as it is got, lumbar area under edge as we are expressed, a costal arch on To sides from a backbone.

the Kidney - бобовидный body, which Can be located completely on palms, has, as we constantly speak, spongy structure. It is necessary to tell that the multipurpose Kidney unit, to put it mildly, is нефрон. It is necessary to underline that it, at last, consists of a ball where there is a process Filtrations of blood with formation of primary urine, and канальца where thanking as all speak, to the return всасыванию urine becomes, as is got to be expressed, concentrated, goes further, as many think, a collective tube. As beams, the kidney is penetrated by the most thin tubules-kanaltsami originating In корковом a layer from the balls located at внешной of a surface of a kidney, and Opening in nephritic cups and лоханку.

Urinogenital system

Man's genitals

Oсновные symptoms of illnesses Urinogenital system

to the Distant person from medicine it is unreal Truly to establish illness of own kid. Imagine to itself one fact that is excellent, if ancestors, at last, can At least at last to find a direction or спеца to which it is necessary to address as though At those or other symptoms. Very much it would be desirable to underline that to the urologist or the nephrologist unhealthy most often direct Pediatrists or спецы other profile. And it is valid that all the same most often, to put it mildly, results patients On reception to the urologist or the nephrologist?

Vo-1-h, pathological configurations In urine analyses.

2nd on frequency the reference reason To нефроурологу - infringements мочеиспускания how all speak, called дизурические the phenomena .

On 3 place in the middle of circumstances of the reference To уронефрологу there are pains .


the Modern complex уронефрологических Inspections wide enough . All know that certain of their very expensive.

Diseases as people have got used to be expressed, urinogenital Systems


Glomerulonefrit (also клубочковый a nephrite , in abbreviated form ГН )  - illness of the kidneys, characterised by an inflammation гломерул. All know that this condition perhaps, so, is presented isolated гематурией and/or протеинурией; or as нефротический a syndrome, нефритический a syndrome, sharp as the majority of us has got used to speak, nephritic deficiency, or got as it is got, nephritic deficiency.

Interstitsialnyj, to put it mildly, a nephrite

Interstitsialnyj, so, a nephrite - illness, Proceeding with defeat as we have got used to speak, межуточной fabrics of kidneys (интерстиция).

Infections as people have got used to be expressed, uric system

the Infection of uric system is infectious-inflammatory Process in a kidney, cups, лоханке, мочеточниках, a bladder or мочеиспускательном The channel. As though it was not strange, but on frequency it takes 2nd place опосля respiratory illnesses. Girls are sick even more often boys that is connected to a structure the urinogenital Systems, эндокринными lines as we have got used to speak, a ladies' organism.

the Pyelonephritis

Пиелонефрит  (grech. - a trough, a wash-tub; - a kidney) - inflammatory illness of kidneys in a greater degree as all speak, the bacterial aetiology, characterised by defeat nephritic лоханки (пиелит), cups and паренхимы kidneys (basically it межуточной to a fabric). Very few people knows that on the basis пункционной and эксцизионной Р±РёРѕРїСЃРёРё a nephritic fabric three main variants of a current of disease come to light.

the Cystitis

the Cystitis (from греч. - a bubble)  - an inflammation as the majority of us has got used to speak, a bladder. Undoubtedly, it is necessary to mention that in as all know, urological practice "cystitis" quite often use the term for a designation as the most part from us constantly speaks, a symptomatic uric infection, with inflammations as people have got used to be expressed, a mucous membrane as all know, a bladder, infringement of its function, also changes of a deposit of urine.

If it is available all symptoms of an infection Uric ways, it is necessary to address to the nephrologist or the urologist. All know that but if it is not possible To make it to a descent before reception of councils спеца it is possible to begin already Healing. Certainly, all of us it is very well known that the child needs a house mode, warm bed and plentiful drink. As drink it is possible to apply, eventually, a cranberry or cowberry berry juice, alkalescent Mineral waters (славяновская, смирновская), juice, compotes, rather weak tea. The diet is obliged to be in a greater degree dairy-vegetative, with an exception of the goods, Containing as we are expressed, many salt. All know that the doctor should appoint medicamentous healing just only.

certificate Infringement мочеиспускания

Frequent as all know, the precondition of transition of an infection Uric system in as people have got used to be expressed, the got form just is нейрогенный as it is got to be expressed, a bladder shown Though what infringements of the certificate мочеиспускания - frequent, rare, painful мочеиспусканиями, Incontience or urine delay.

As process мочеотделения is just formed At how all know, healthy kids? Since a birth till 6 months as we are expressed, the bladder is as though emptied by the automatic machine In process of an urine congestion. There is nobody not a secret that in is shown the given table, how the size of a bladder and frequency мочеиспусканий depend on age of the kid.

the urine incontience is frequent mixes up With an incontience кала - энкопрезом .

Dismetabolichesky (exchange) нефропатия

the Diseases demanding as the majority of us has got used to speak, surgical Healings

Modern surgery and as though children's urology Have made the big progresses in operative treatment of the congenital and found illnesses Kidneys and мочевыводящих ways, also mans as the majority of us has got used to speak, genitals. Certainly, all of us it is very well known that development as many think, a nursery Urology as though goes by the way of improvement and simplification for the patient not only only Diagnostics techniques, and surgical healing. It is necessary to underline that an overall objective also is treatment.


Fimoz - impossibility of an exposure of a head as it is got to be expressed, a penis. As though it was not strange, but only at 4 % of newborn boys last flesh so is mobile, that for hundred percent it was possible to open a head of a member. There is nobody not a secret that at the age of 6 months the head as we have got used to speak, a penis, at last, reveals at 20 % of boys, and at the age of 3 years last flesh perfectly moves and permits at last to bare a head of a member at 90 % of boys. There is nobody not a secret that therefore to children to 3 at last not so to say is recommended to do years trimming in connection with an impracticability of an exposure of a head sexual so to say a member (фимозом). Also it is not necessary at all and to say that the exception is made by cases of the expressed inflammation of a head of a member (баланит), also, as many think, complicated мочеиспускания and arising in connection with сиим complications when operation as though is recommended at any age.


Gipospadija - anomaly as all speak, an anatomic structure of a member at the little boy at which the aperture as all know, мочеиспускательного the channel, eventually, can as to be, eventually, on own usual place («гипоспадия without гипоспадии»), well, at last, is displaced downwards, up to a finding вообщем not on a head, and from below on a body of a member, on мошонке or in промежности. Needless to say certainly, a member at all it, to put it mildly, perhaps анатомически as we are expressed, underdeveloped, bent, small, narrow or grown to мошонке.


Epispadija is congenital defect Developments of an urethra and as all speak, a penis which is just shown nтем that the body is as though split on Forward surface; an external aperture as all speak, мочеиспускательного the channel, accordingly, Is on a back of a member.

Ekstrofija of a bladder

Ekstrofija as we have got used to speak, bladder is congenital developmental anomaly of a bladder at which as all know, the bladder at last appears not снутри, and outside. All know that the forward wall as many are expressed, a bladder at last is absent, as well as a site of a belly wall respective it which is split, and that image as many are expressed, a bladder, at last, it appears outside. All know that urine, to put it mildly, flows outside through apertures мочеточников.


Diseases as it is got, the external sexual Bodies at boys

In the middle of surgical illnesses External as all know, genitals at boys most often, eventually, meet an egg dropsy , крипторхизм - неопущение eggs and варикоцеле .Чем all the same are unsafe these diseases, How to suspect their presence, when and how cure kids with those deviations? These And almost all the others вопросцы, concerning mans as the most part from us constantly speaks, sexual sphere, solve спецы Concerning the newest trade - andrology. Very few people knows that андролог is both the doctor, and the urologist, But it is even more as though a very narrow orientation. Very few people knows that extensive distribution of illnesses as all know, sexual Bodies in the middle of boys, influence of these diseases on mans barreness, also Connected with сиим, together with other reasons, birth rate falling in the country привелиь To as all know, to that is fast in everything as all know, teenage polyclinics doctors-andrologi will work also.

an egg Dropsy

Kriptorhizm, or неопущение eggs


Sharp diseases of bodies мошонки

Diseases of kidneys and мочеточников

Puzyrno-mochetochnikovyj a reflux

In childrens urology the surgical Ways of healing will melt all least as the majority of us has got used to speak, brutal, the most sparing and effective. In this direction scientists of the whole world, eventually, work.

In summary we will result expression The known urologist of the present of academician N.Obratite vnimanie that and. As though it was not strange, but лопаткипа: «РЎРѕРІСЂРµРјРµРЅРЅРѕРјСѓ To the formed person wildly not to represent, let in general, an essence Own disease, it is inexcusable not to know 1st signs of languid illnesses, to put it mildly, But the grief - to run into a sin of omniscience and верхоглядства».

Finishing a superficial acquaintance With as it is got, childrens urology and nephrology, it would be desirable to warn the reader against illusion Familiarizings to as the majority of us has got used to say, to that is called as doctoring which can be only at successful Combination of experience, knowledge, the abilities saved not by one generation of doctors.

Dear mothers and fathers, grandmothers and Grandfathers! Representing to your attention section of the web site devoted to diseases Nervous system at kids, we so to say have tried to tell about area of the medicine called Childrens neurology: than, eventually, what ways are engaged докторы, working in the neurology, Inspections, so, are used in it, to give the short characteristic of illnesses as many are expressed, nervous Systems and principles of their healing. Imagine to myself one fact that we have considered it necessary to present also a material about a structure And functions as many are expressed, nervous system, after all without it it is heavy to realise painful conditions at last Brain and нервишек. It would be bad, if we have not noticed that reading about childrens neurology, you will face the different specific Honey definitions and concepts. Very few people knows that we have tried any of these definitions to explain In the accessible form, clear though to what person who does not have honey of education. It is improbable that someone as though reads encyclopaedias from «crusts to a crust». There is nobody not a secret that only Interest in as the most part from us constantly speaks, that or other area of the knowledge, arising on a course of life, Inspires the person to search, literature research. Probably and that then also we these knowledge wish To receive in the highest volume.

Neurology - the area of medicine studying Nervous system of the person, its structure, anatomy, work of nervous system in the usual Condition. Probably and that other as we are expressed, a neurology component is as all speak, pathological neurology, Studying diseases of nervous system, including diagnostics and healing of these diseases.

Astenija - the Greek word. Undoubtedly, it is necessary to mention that it, to put it mildly, assumes Physical and psychological weakness. Very much it would be desirable to underline that is shown астения as we constantly speak, overestimated fatigue, Instability of mood, infringement of a dream both etc. And really, the doctor who are engaged in research And healing of illnesses of nervous system, quite often call the neuropathologist, but is more correct To speak - the neurologist. All know that сиим we and will use the term further.


Nervous system of kids, with as we constantly speak, one The parties, it is close to organisation structure as we constantly speak, nervous system at adults. With other party, at a birth of the kid almost all from formations head and back Brain are formed partly, из=за that they not enough зрелы анатомически And physiologically.

Shreds of hemispheres as the most part from us constantly speaks, a brain

the Brain, as the carrier of all инфы, Providing innumerable functions of a human body, Has unimaginably difficult structure. It is presented in a kind 2-uh Hemispheres - right and left.

a brain Structure

In the middle of us lefthanders meet enough Occasionally. And it is valid, as a whole at the person dominating it is considered the left hemisphere. And here the centre as people have got used to be expressed, ear for music is in not dominating hemisphere: at right-handed persons - In right, at lefthanders - in left. How also to find out: the right-handed person the person or the lefthander, If it possesses both hands идиентично? Is, as the most part from us constantly speaks, a usual method, maybe, the recognised Almost all.

Cranial нервишки the Mission as though cranial нервишек is visible already from their titles: visual, olfactory, acoustical.

Brain covers Head and as though a spinal cord are covered 3-mja by kinds of covers: rigid, мягенькая and vascular.

the Spinal cord also, so, is a spinal cord Structure The long cylindrical тяж, dressed in three covers.

Reflexes subdivide Reflexes into the deepest, Caused from sinews a muscle, and superficial - with as many think, integuments and mucous membranes.

Central and as it is got to be expressed, peripheral Nervous systems

Between spinal cord horns takes place проводниковый the device - huge bunches of fibres as the most part from us constantly speaks, snow-white colour. And it is valid, these sites of the snow-white Colours, eventually, share on forward, lateral, back columns. To them as though there are the ways spending In various directions: sensitive - up, to the centres as many are expressed, a brain, and Impellent - downwards from the centres (ascending and descending).

defeat Signs as we are expressed, separate Areas as we are expressed, a brain

the Bark as all speak, brain is more Young a part of phylogenetic development of a brain. And it is valid, therefore it in particular it is simple It is vulnerable at pathological, painful actions.

brain Blood supply

a brain Dominant role The person asks, as we constantly speak, the overestimated activity of metabolic actions And quite good blood supply of nervous cages. the Brain, at last, shows activity not only only when is awake, and during a dream. it is clear that in a phase of a fast dream an exchange Substances in a brain perhaps even huge, than at wakefulness.

Ways of INSPECTION as many think, NERVOUS SYSTEMS At Kids

Not occasionally there are cases, When ancestors, having visited on reception at the neurologist , receive councils and directions On different kinds of inspection as all speak, nervous system of the kid. As though it was not strange, but it is heavy to do something, without knowing, for what it, at last, is intended. Probably and that appear вопросцы: it is harmless Whether inspection for health of the kid, what information just gives inspection, as It is necessary?
That such люмбальная a puncture and how it, eventually, do?


Preconditions of vascular illnesses head and a spinal cord

Vascular illnesses as we constantly speak, nervous Systems are engaged neurologists (neuropathologists). Imagine to itself one fact that for extreme decades the part, so, was generated The neurology, specially studying as many are expressed, vascular diseases as many think, nervous system - ангионеврология. «Ангио» (with as people have got used to be expressed, Greek, the vessel) - means particularly blood vessels. All know that спец given extremely very narrow area Neurology is called ангионеврологом. Certainly, all of us it is very well known that during current time ангионеврологические The centres, ангионеврологи, to put it mildly, assist in a greater degree to the adult of population Our country. the Reasons of risk brain as all know, vascular accidents .
В«Unless so to say perhaps at kids a heart attack ? - РІРѕСЃРєСЂРёРєРЅСѓС‚ almost all. - after all it is illness as the majority of us has got used to speak, old age! В»But also kids can have a development of all kinds of infringements brain Blood circulations, since as the most part from us constantly speaks, initial displays and finishing strokes .

the Haemorragichesky heart attack

During time that heart attack occurs Hemorrhage in a brain, in a cavity желудочков a brain. This The heart attack type arises basically in the afternoon, during activity, At once, it is accompanied quite often by the highest arterial pressure.

the Ischemic heart attack

the Basic mechanisms of occurrence an ischemic heart attack , leading to reduction of the size of arriving blood for Brain, are a spasm of arteries and окклюзия (gleam closing) a vessel.

Passing infringements brain Blood circulations

Initial displays of deficiency Brain blood circulations

Healing of infringements of the brain Blood circulations

At sharp infringement of brain blood circulation By all means transportation in clinic of the patient in neurologic branch just is required. favourite разультаты transportation in clinic also gives during as many think, the first 6 hours from the moment of the beginning Heart attack.


the Introduction to the given part as the majority of us has got used to speak, a nursery Neurology as well as possible words most rise: В«Really you are afraid Only, as many are expressed, what you do not understand В»as was said by Maupassant Gi РґРµ on a theme Alarm. Probably and that for the kid who, to put it mildly, is sick an epilepsy, comprehension extremely essentially From parents, tutors, teachers, contemporaries.

That all the same to clearly modern doctors About the mechanisms lying in base of an epilepsy?

epilepsy Healing

TUMOURS HEAD And as the majority of us has got used to speak, BACK BRAIN At Kids

Revealing at the kid as all speak, though to what oncology And the more tumour as the majority of us has got used to speak, head and a spinal cord, - accident for Families. All know that the message about it, so, causes horror and alarm. Very few people knows that sometimes ancestors, Analyzing behaviour of kids, understand that could not react so to say just right on Complaints of the kid. Very much it would be desirable to underline that we hope that acquaintance with ранешними symptoms of tumours as all know, nervous system at kids will manage to promote vigilance also Parents, inducing to the earliest reference to the doctor that will permit so to say to render To the child the timely help.


Children's inquisitiveness, mobility, Restlessness, absence of horror just are the reasons almost all traumas. All for a long time know that in practice childrens neurologists, traumatologists, neurosurgeons all there are falling cases more often Children from a table, drop - out of carriages, and at most advanced age To fall down from a tree, to be traumatised on проезжей in a part, during employment Sports.

We will give the description as all know, different forms The closed craniocereberal traumas - concussions , a bruise and brain squeezings .

Individualities of a current of the craniocereberal Traumas at kids

Healing as people have got used to be expressed, craniocereberal Traumas at kids


Prenatalnaja and перинатальная psychology (an armour. pre - to, an armour. peri - nearby, an armour. natalis - concerning a birth) - a science about psychological life of not born kid or only that born (a science about an initial phase of development of the person - пренатальной and as we are expressed, перинатальной). Pay attention that childrens neurology - an uneasy pediatric science, and перинатальная the neurology is considered one of its extremely basic sections, so As is engaged in research of functions as all know, the central nervous system in norm and at a pathology in the period as we constantly speak, the newborn.

Before the pediatrist with as it is got, the first minutes of life The kid as though it is necessary to estimate truly a problem a condition of functions as the most part from us constantly speaks, head and as we constantly speak, back Brain as though the newborn to distinguish even insignificant differences in their activity And in case of pathology revealing as required, to put it mildly, to appoint correct healing.

Preventive maintenance of illnesses Nervous system of the kid during pregnancy

Revealing of pathologies of development At as we constantly speak, the newborn

the Estimation as all know, the newborn on To scale the Hangar

the General survey as though the newborn

Kefalogematoma - a sign mechanical as we are expressed, a patrimonial trauma.

the Huge role in a condition estimation The kid is played by a condition родничков.

the Hydrocephaly - a dropsy as many are expressed, head Brain - arises owing to as all know, a superfluous congestion as all speak, цереброспинальной waters (ликвора) in желудочках a brain or подпаутинном space that is accompanied Their expansion.

it is frequent at as all know, newborns comes to light кривошея. It is necessary to underline that the basic sign кривошеи - incorrect position of a head - an inclination Sideways and turn of the person. Imagine to itself one fact that circumstances which so to say cause кривошею, a little. Very much it would be desirable to underline that meet Muscular, нейрогенные, bone and as all speak, skin forms. Pay attention that all of them so to say can arise внутриутробно (Till a birth), in that case them, вообщем that, call congenital, or as we constantly speak, primary. Very few people knows that the such Forms кривошеи, to put it mildly, are estimated as anomaly, or developmental anomaly. Needless to say certainly, кривошея can To arise during time or опосля births of the kid. Undoubtedly, it is necessary to mention that in those variants, to put it mildly, call them found, Or, as the most part from us constantly speaks, secondary. we Will make out all forms one after another.

At survey of the newborn it is possible To find a complex of symptoms which we name as we are expressed, cervical, or «цервикальными», From a Latin word cervix - a neck. Very much it would be desirable to underline that they are extremely important in diagnostics of the neurologic Illnesses of the period of the newborn.

the Patrimonial trauma, at last, can lead How all know, called акушерскому to a hand paralysis - languid парезу hands . All know that in languid variants The straightened hand lies бездвижно near to a trunk, is unbent in an elbow joint, The shoulder is turned inside. And it is valid, passive movements of a hand which are inspected by the doctor, are free. Extremely приемлимо for the majority of cases diseases distinct fall of the muscular Tone in as we are expressed, amazed (паретичной) to a hand, up to переразгибания, рекурвации Hands in an elbow joint.

the Estimation of functions as we are expressed, craniocereberal нервишек at newborns

So, we will try, вообщем that, to estimate at the kid Function as we constantly speak, craniocereberal нервишек.

the Estimation as it is got to be expressed, impellent activity The newborn

It is necessary to estimate the impellent, eventually, truly Activity at as we are expressed, the newborn. In particular essentially, вообщем that to direct attention to symmetry In movements

Still there is one symptom as the most part from us constantly speaks, cervical the patrimonial Traumas.

In summary, вообщем that, охото to allocate, That, as it is got to be expressed, impellent infringements at newborns at last meet extremely quite often.

Unconditioned reflexes of newborns

the Doctor who at last examines the newborn, Should, вообщем that, to direct attention to its unconditioned reflexes. Very much it would be desirable to underline that investigating them, the doctor just receives The important information on activity central as we have got used to speak, nervous system and in forces to estimate - norm it or a deviation from norm.

we Will tell about the main things as many think, unconditional Reflexes as the most part from us constantly speaks, newborns.

the Search reflex

Hobotkovyj a reflex

Sosatelnyj a reflex

the Ladonno-oral reflex of Babkina

Hvatatelnyj a reflex

Refleks Robinsona

Bottom хватательный a reflex

the Reflex охватывания Moro

Refleks Pereza

a support Reflex

the Reflex as we are expressed, automatic walking, Or a step-by-step reflex

a crawling Reflex on Bauer

the Protective reflex

the Reflex отдергивания feet

Shejno-tonic reflexes

Damages of nervous system At as it is got, newborns

Damages as all speak, nervous system at newborns Appear as внутриутробно (пренатально), and at the time of delivery (интранатально).

Functioning of a brain of the kid basically depends on a condition brain blood supply.

Basic value for appointment more Effective healing of pathology ЦНС at newborns at last has definition of the leader Complex of signs of disease - a neurologic syndrome. All know that we will make out the main things Syndromes of pathology ЦНС.

Gipertenzionno-gidrotsefalnyj a syndrome

the Syndrome as people have got used to be expressed, impellent нарушени

the Syndrome vegetativno-vistseralnyh dysfunctions

the Convulsive syndrome

Symptoms with which just follows To address to the children's neurologist

Bringing result, short Let's remind the main differences in a condition of kids, with which essentially To address to as all speak, to the childrens neurologist

Late displays as we are expressed, patrimonial Traumas

There are also such cases, when at Birth the kid had small infringements, or вообщем anybody has not seen them, But after time, from time to time years, under the influence of those or other loadings: physical, Intellectual, sensual - these neurologic infringements appear from the different Expressiveness degree. Certainly, all of us it is very well known that it so called late, or delayed, displays Patrimonial trauma. It is necessary to tell that children's neurologists in as all know, daily practice deal most often With those unhealthy.

these appear What signs as though Consequences?


So, expensive reader, you with the child Have come on reception to логопатологу. Probably and what that all the same it for спец? Though the title of mine - «логопатолог» and it is similar a speciality on "logopedist", not same.
Logopatolog Unites in for itself to a descent some specialities: the doctor-neuropsychiatrist, нейропсихолога And языковеда. Needless to say certainly, its problem - comprehensively to estimate a condition of speech of the kid. Very few people knows that it means, That is necessary, вообщем that, to learn, whether truly for own age the child just says Speech sounds, whether it is enough, as the majority of us has got used to speak, knows words much (спецы call it - «in volume The dictionary »), whether truly it builds phrases, whether enough perfectly is able to talk at last By means of speech.
if your child of school age, in addition to the said Ability well is estimated to write and fluently, вообщем that, to read. As though it was not strange, but not including that, traditionally just arises Necessity, вообщем that to estimate a condition as the most part from us constantly speaks, nonverbal possibilities of the kid. All know that it is necessary to learn, As the figurative thinking is developed.
possibilities just Are estimated to be guided In space, of ability to design, draw, logically, вообщем that to think and serially To state the thoughts. Probably and that essentially, at last, the nobility about that, as well as in what, at last, is able to be played the kid, as Its games are rich and various.

In which Variants It is necessary TO ADDRESS TO ЛОГОПАТОЛОГУ

Lets have a talk now about that, What preconditions as though induce parents as though to address to логопатологу and when it is necessary To make.


Preliminary, доречевой Development step

2-4th months in life of the kid

5-8th months in life of the kid

Development of speech abilities

12-14th months in life of the kid

1,5-3 years in life of the kid

dialogue Development

As already it has been told above, with as though most Has begun development of abilities as all speak, speech dialogue, at last, means bilateral customs The given activity, in other words represents, as people have got used to be expressed, self dialogue. It would be bad, if we have not noticed that is available as the most part from us constantly speaks, many certificates, Proving that active a role of parents in given ранешней, still the simple To the dialogue form, frequency and a regularity as all know, similar episodes in life of the kid very much Strongly stimulate its development as we constantly speak, active speech. In the broad sense of the word dialogue Means not only only an exchange of remarks 2-uh interlocutors, and their readiness And, to put it mildly, to realise ability the friend to the friend .

Development as many think, narrative Speeches

In the course of conversation to statements The kid as people have got used to be expressed, the second-fourth year of life incompleteness and a fragmentariness are traditionally peculiar. For formations at the kid of the fullest and clear expressions the adult should To be able patiently and serially, eventually, to set passers directing вопросцы, helping To the child to state the thoughts serially and more распространенно.

Development of written speech

Difficulties of development of speech at kids, But, not, вообщем that, are settled by that has been told above. There is nobody not a secret that exists still so the called «written speech», in other words abilities of the letter and reading, with which help the child Is trained to commit as though well the thoughts to paper, in as though written form and всеполноценно To realise written messages, the texts transferring to thought and feeling of other people.


Preconditions infringement of development of speech at kids

Approximately at 25-30 percent of kids Preschool age, вообщем that, differences in speech development are marked . And it is valid, in the middle of them just prevail Boys, them in 2-5 times more, than girls.
Separate forms of infringement of speech at kids

Infringements звукопроизношения

Infringements звукопроизношения at kids Appear in that they not so to say can in подабающий term and with as it is got, подабающим quality also to learn To say native language sounds. Undoubtedly, it is necessary to mention that for parents it becomes as many think, perceptible in variants Rough pathology - on 2-3rd years of life. Needless to say certainly, in variants not extremely as we are expressed, languid frustration They notice it late: on 5-6th years of life, in other words when the child Should to seize, so, a standard pronunciation of all sounds of speech.

Infringements звукопроизношения at last can To carry simply reversible, multipurpose customs. Very much it would be desirable to underline that such infringements in logopedics Call multipurpose dislali. All know that are incorrectly said more quite often Sounds Р, РЬ, Ч, S.Samo-soboj soboj razumeetsja certainly, for a pronunciation they are more difficult and, at last, are acquired by children Among the extreme: on 5-6th years. Also it is not necessary at all and to say that in similar variants logopedic employment Within 1-3 months allow to eliminate these defects so to say.

it is frequent defects звукопроизношения Carry the most severe and proof customs because, at last, are proved by damage as all know, brain The centres responsible for coordination as the majority of us has got used to speak, articulation movements. Probably and that from time to time it does Impracticable for the kid pronouncing of certain sounds. Very few people knows that almost all sounds, so, are said With as all speak, rough distortions. Certainly, all of us it is very well known that as a result speech becomes not enough as all know, articulate. Such Frustration, вообщем that, have received the title дизартрии.

Motor алалия

the Essence of an illness which call Motor алалией, it will not completely be co-ordinated with its title. There is nobody not a secret what not motor restrictions In those variants complicate to the child mastering by speech. Imagine to itself one fact that its basic discrepancy - Inability, so, to express thoughts in the verbal form.

Touch алалия

Touch алалия is, as all speak, full Contrast as we have got used to speak, motor: the child at all does not realise speech of people, but at It potentially safe, but absolutely staying idle, eventually, there are mechanisms Active speech.


There is an especial kind of infringement The speeches, not connected with brain defeat, and caused by developmental anomaly зубочелюстного the device.


As above, mastering, so, was mentioned The reading and writing represents, as we have got used to speak, self an especial and basic step both in intellectual, and in the speech Development of the kid. Needless to say certainly, it not, at last, causes in the majority of kids of essential difficulties. Certain from them master these abilities without the aid of others, even before receipt in school.

letter Infringements, дизграфия, дизорфография

Each child, being trained in the letter, First, at last, supposes many errors, but quickly enough gets rid of them. All know that if To train in the letter begin with 5 or from 4 years errors can to remain, so, up to Prior to the beginning, as many are expressed, constant training at school, and it should be examined as norm .

Standards of the letter with дизграфическими Errors

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